Link: The Silver Lake Preschool Scene

Hey look! We made Jezebel again!

To recap: Camelot Kids is a preschool in our neighborhood. The administrator got pissed at parents for inviting ex-teachers to a party and sent out a nasty email. Things escalated.

Los Angeles, you guys. THE BEST.

A specter of tyranny is haunting Silver Lake, Los Angeles. At Camelot Kids, a preschool in the ultra-hip east side of the city, where parents pay $18,000 a year for their progeny to have a full-service alternative nursery school experience, this summer saw a wave of toddler purges, mass teacher firings, and public recriminations; there are rumors of coups, conspiracies, lawsuits. The situation has become, as one mother put it, “a preposterous yuppie nightmare.”

Common Coreriffic!

Great article explaining common core math. Don’t believe the haters! By the haters I mean that weird super right wing lady who used to do the splits on Saturday Night Live.

I can guarantee if I took a survey at Starbucks right now, and asked people how to perform long division, convert a mixed number to a fraction, recite the quadratic formula, factor a binomial, and complete the square — most would fail.
Not because math is too hard or people are bad at it, but because memorization and algorithms are not the best ways to retain information.
We remember through context, understanding and application.

Source: Common Core Math is Not the Enemy — Math Memoirs — Medium