Link: The Silver Lake Preschool Scene

Hey look! We made Jezebel again!

To recap: Camelot Kids is a preschool in our neighborhood. The administrator got pissed at parents for inviting ex-teachers to a party and sent out a nasty email. Things escalated.

Los Angeles, you guys. THE BEST.

A specter of tyranny is haunting Silver Lake, Los Angeles. At Camelot Kids, a preschool in the ultra-hip east side of the city, where parents pay $18,000 a year for their progeny to have a full-service alternative nursery school experience, this summer saw a wave of toddler purges, mass teacher firings, and public recriminations; there are rumors of coups, conspiracies, lawsuits. The situation has become, as one mother put it, “a preposterous yuppie nightmare.”

Amazing UT Dildo Protest

Texans will soon be able to carry concealed firearms into public universities. But some will come out swinging with other weapons: dildos.

On the first day of next fall’s semester, University of Texas at Austin students and supporters are planning to strap on sex toys in protest of the state’s new campus carry law, which goes into effect Aug. 1, 2016.

The movement’s rallying cry, Cocks Not Glocks, went viral Sunday, and gun nuts are already getting heated on social media. The protest organizer, Jessica Jin, said she’s received death threats over the event and has alerted Austin police.

. . .

“I need this proliferation of dildos to offer people a visual representation of what it would be like if we all carried guns,” Jin told the Houston Chronicle. “It should look ridiculous to you. That is the point. This is America. If guns and bloodshed don’t wake people up, a public celebration of sexuality may just do the trick.”

I LOVE THIS. And when they show it on the news, we’ll all be able to see the guns but they’ll pixelate the dildos, driving home the exact point the protesters are trying to make. In a sane world, which one of these would we find more obscene?

Source: University of Texas Students Prepare New Fight Against Guns—With Dildos – The Daily Beast