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    What’s our feeling on ADD? I was just at Rite Aid and some college kid was telling his girlfriend about how he wanted to be a writer but he couldn’t focus because of his ADD. Sounded like a fucking excuse. Have we given an entire generation a built-in excuse to succumb to the lack of focus we all feel in the Internet age? Or is ADD a real thing and I’m being a cynical old queen because I’m jealous?


    Brendan Hughes

    This needs to be a Dad v. dad. i have the world’s most insane ADD. Being in the present is the same as fighting to the surface to steal a breath with cinder blocks on my feet, dragging me back to that sweet sweet undersea world of imprisoning fantasia.

    I think over on SanFrangeles they would call it Brainal Leakage.


    Chris Page

    Sounds like a great Dad v Dad! I think it is the real thing, but for someone to say they wanted to be a writer but can’t because of it is BS. If anything he should be able to do stream of conscienceness writing (or Free writing, right Brendan? You still do this?) for hours straight. It may be on the most ridiculous, tangental topics but if the wheels are spinning then get them on the pavement!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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