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    At 20:40 You said Braveheart killed a guy with a mace and that a mac is a ball with spikes on it. Maces were traditionally blunt instruments. Maces that feature spikes are referred to a morning stars. THANK YOU, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS!



    Ok, far be it from me to quibble, but you’re saying that morning star is a subset of mace? So therefore, would it not be correct to still refer to it as a mace?



    I’m saying all weapons are subsets of sticks and should be referred to as such.


    Jon Harmon

    OMG, I missed the thread I’ve trained for all my life!!

    A mace is basically a metal club. The height of the mace was a club with almost-4-blades around the metal head, but it was still just “a thing you bash people with.”

    A Morningstar is a spiked metal club. While a mace has one heavy head piece, a Morningstar is basically just a stick coated in hate.

    The thing you referred to sounds most like some sort of flail. While the simplest flail was basically a European nunchuka (two pieces of wood connected by a chain), they evolved to a lever handle, a chain, and a spiked ball to deliver the hurt.

    The confusion comes in a) because the advanced form of a flail was kinda the best of all three weapons, and b) because I’m pretty sure an early edition of D&D mislabeled a flail as a Morningstar, and got people all confused. This makes sense, though, because Lucifer literally was the morning star, and he’s been congested with Beelzebub, the Prince of Lies, and therefore Morningstars should have a confusing and deceitful name.

    <drops mic shaped like a mace>

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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