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    Dennis Dinsmore

    Here is the full story I related to my son Jeff a number of years ago:

    Two workers are given the assignment of getting through a thick brick wall. The first one brings a sledge hammer, a chisel and a wheelbarrow to work. He hammers away for 10 hours, smashing at the wall, chiseling at the bricks and hauling away the rubble. At the end of the day he collapses into a sweaty heap with the wall still standing but with a sizable dent in it. The boss applauds his effort, tells him that he is the most efficient guy the firm has ever seen and gives him the next day off.

    The next day, the second worker comes to work, walks 20 feet down the wall, opens the door in the wall and steps through. Since his assignment was completed, he takes the rest of the day off. The boss, noting his absence, fires him.

    The moral is that it is much better to be effective than to be efficient but the boss will still be an ass hole.






    Sniff. I prefer my version.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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