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    Chris Page

    Hey guys. So I spent the past few weeks listening to 30 two hour podcasts to finally get caught up… and when I did…. it was only an HOUR!! Fortunately, my wifi here at work is so slow it should be wearing a football helmet to keep it from licking the windows, so it still took two hours to finish.

    Just so ya know, I’ve never listened to a podcast before listening to Dad Jeans, and I listened to each episode while I built the set for La Cage aux Folles. Thanks for keeping me company in the shop! I am now at the point where I must wait for each one to come out. I’m happy to be up to speed now, and I think the constant exposure to this podcast may have given me brain damage. I could feel my synapses sputtering out like old lightbulbs.

    Love the show guys. I’m hooked. I’m also about 12 weeks away from welcoming my son into the world. Keep up the advise because I sure as F need it.







    I’m torn. The two plus hour eps are fun but could definitely be tighter. This one felt rushed. But it’s free entertainment for em either way so I’m not complaining.


    Brendan Hughes

    Chris, you are awesome. i had no idea you were with child. Congratulations mi amigo. That’s a lucky kid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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